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I went from being care-free and single to being widowed, lost and depressed.  This happened after I married my high school sweetheart.  Miraculously, my life changed (again) ten years later.  And I became a Pastor's wife.  I thought it would be for the better.  I was wrong.  It ended in divorce and devastation.  However, the best part of my story is yet to be told.  I expect abundant greatness to continue to unfold.


Join me on my journey as you see my amazing transformation.


There is life after divorce.  But working through it kept me grasping at straws to make sense of my world.  I learned that when life knocks you down, you just get back up.  Even though I was financially, emotionally and physically damaged I maintained a positive outlook on life.  A multitude of losses can lead one to peserverance or pain.  You just have to decide which one you want. My book, "A Kept Woman" was born from both.

After being hospitalized due to family violence, I was determined to relaunch my life and win!  I faced my flaws by looking in the mirror everyday.  Sometimes, it's not a pretty sight, however I vowed to improve myself.  I believe if you don't like the hand that you're being dealt, then you should do something different.  I reminded myself that I am not alone.  And that I can beat defeat --- if I only keep the faith!  Sometimes reflecting back helps you to move forward.  Writing "Begin Again" pushed me to higher heights.

Starting life anew has its advantages and disadvantages.  Nonetheless, you must press your way through to regain and reclaim your idenity.  It was a terrible blow starting over, but just like you hit the reset button on your computer --- you can do the same thing with your life.  Usually you find that your machine runs a lot faster and better when you do.  Seems like life should be the same way, right?  How about you give it a try?  I do it daily, hence ignited the catalyst for change in writing "Simply Speaking Inspirations."  Read it and be inspired!


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