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I have the great privilege of being connected with a few good sisters.  We decided to merge our creative power and join forces.  As a result we became, "The Write Sista's."  The following websites are links on how to contact them.  Two sisters are published authors and the third sister designs unique bookmarks.  Please tell your friends and families about these dynamic women who are making a strong and positive impact.

Strengthening Minds: Tutoring & Learning Services

8101 Cameron Road, Suite #204

Austin, Tx 78754


Rhonda Demps is the Author of "The Angel I Left Behind."  She is also the Chief Executive Officer of Strenghtening Minds Tutoring and Learning Services. 


This book is dedicated to those children under the age of 18 whose mothers have died. Many mothers have given birth to beautiful angels and died before seeing them grow into young adults. The angel I left behind is the voice of mothers who have departed this life, but continue to say I love you. I dedicate this book to my friend who departed to heaven one week after delivering an angel.

You can reach Rhonda by email at or visit her website at

"I Gotta Get a Nickname!" is a beautifully crafted children's book.  Nine-year-old Zimri is not pleased about leaving his friends and moving 500 miles away to a new place when his father loses his job. Zimri worries that it will be hard to make new friends in Granger, Texas. But Zimri is excited when Uncle Krusty takes him to the park and introduces him to a group of kids. There's Toonie, Shock, Totty, Boom-Boom, and Wheeler, and they all have fun playing together and eating ice cream. Zimri suddenly realizes that everyone he's met has a nickname, and he dreams of having a nickname, too. But how will he find the nickname that's just right for him? I Gotta Get a Nickname follows Zimri on his journey to being accepted in his new community.


Paulette Webster-Tyson is the author of "I Gotta Get a Nickname."  You can reach her at  You can also order her book on that website.


It's unique, it's classy, it's Vestine Motif's Uniquelly jeweled book arts.


Each bookmark has an adjustable patented design that is handcrafted by dedicated staff.  These bookmarks can be created with various beads, ribbons, pictured tiles, antique beads, crafted cords, or charms which gives each bookmark an art of style.  Multiple tassels are included to provide its user the convenience of saving multiple pages.  These stylish adjustable bookmarks can be personalized to securely fit bibles, favorite novels, school text books, notebooks, journals, cookbooks of various sizes.  

Vestine Motif also offers a line of bookmarks available for book clubs, bookstores, school libraries, and fundraisers.


LaTheasa Stevens is the Chief Executive Officer of Vestine Motif, an original and exclusive bookmark artist.  You can reach her by email at or you may visit​ her website at


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