Simply Speaking Inspirations

Sherry shares her collection of inspirational messages that will lift your spirit. Everyday challenges tug at our emotions leaving us zapped of energy and seeking solace. Well this book is a sure fire way to recharge your resolve.


Soothe your mind with the tantalizing words of Simply Speaking Inspirations and experience the serenity of the Spirit.

Excerpt, taken from "Are You Going With the Flow?":


"Have you ever thrown a stick in the water and watched it float down stream?  If so, perhaps you noticed how the current caused the stick to uncontrollably swirl around?  You notice how it carried the stick in a direction that caused it to become tangled in debris? Or maybe you noticed how it tossed the stick back and forth against protruding rocks in the stream.  Now imagine yourself as the stick.


Take a moment to look back at your life.  Can you remember a time when there was no direction in your life?  Can you remember when much like the stick you had no control of where your life was heading?  Of course you have.  The truth is we all have.  We were going with the FLOW.  In other words, we were Freely Living Our Will."


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