A Kept Secret

In the book, A Kept Secret,” Sherry writes under the pen name of Sasha Maxwell.  


Christians are human beings with flaws and faults.  They misbehave like most people.  However, they often try to validate their actions by espousing their religion.  "A Kept Secret," dispels that myth and exposes church leader's beliefs and actions.   


Sex, scandal and sabotage are the unifying elements that will leave your heart racing and your mind jolting as you peruse through the pages of, "A Kept Secret."  This book will cause you to reexamine your own religious convictions while exploring your true identity.


Prepare yourself for a dastardly adventure.


"As time went on I had no idea that my life was about to be flipped upside down.  And I went blindly into an unfamiliar territory that kept me captivated. Permit me to reveal the story that I entitled, "A Kept Secret." It will uncover events that are shrouded in danger, mystery and revenge. And there will be competing parallels between two men. One is hereby referred to as my "kept man." The other is referred to as the perfidious "preacher man." Get ready to read the perils and escapades of two men who were at polar opposites, but had the common denominator of ruthlessness and quest.  Determine for yourself how you think the outcome should unfold. And discover how this first lady dealt with danger while being captivated by love."

Sherry writes autobiographies to empower women and men to action.  She hopes that her life would be a testament of victory.  By writing to inform, her goal is to educate rather than subjugate..

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