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Hi. My name is Sherry D. Bailey, and I'm from Austin,Tx. I am a free lance writer and published author.  Being multi-faceted is great.  It opens the door to more opportunity.  As a result, I am also a public speaker, minister and business woman.  But the most important thing to know about me is that I love to have FUN!


Writing for me is therapy. Which explains why I view my life as an open book.  Because of that I have written and published five non-fiction books.  "Surviving Crazy," will be my first fictional book. And there will be more books to come. Check out my latest book, "Words of Wisdom" in the Books tab.


Although, I admit my life has been tragic; I remain optimistic. And I vow to keep pressing my way through the pain.  Because of that I am easily amused by the little things in life.

As for as my private life,

I spend most of my time writing books and caring for my rambunctious son.  I'm in a great place.  And I'm loving it immensely!


I am passionate about helping others realize and fulfill their dreams.  With that in mind, I encourage others to follow their heart and do what they love. It's important to live life unashamedly and unabashedly. So go for it! Start your journey now!


Finally, my educational background consist of having two degrees and I am acquiring my third degree.  I am studying for my master's degree in Divinity from Austin Presybterian Theological Seminary.  My bachelor's degree was obtained from the University of Texas at Austin in Journalism.  I earned my associate's degree from Austin Community College in Radio/TV/Film.


Please click on the Books tab to read an excerpt of each book.

I love to spend countless hours in the library reading books.  I enjoy leafing through pamphlets and magazines too.  Being well read and able to communicate effectively is important to me.  I think if we spent more time reading good literature rather than watching TV we would be more rounded and less commercialized.



Hobbies:              Dancing, Writing, designing furniture

Favorite Movies:   Maghony, Imitation of Life

Favorite Music:     Jazz, R&B, Soul and Classical

Moto:                    Carpe diem  ~  Seize the day!


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