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My name is Sherry D. Bailey.

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Life Lessons

Hello!  I am a published author.  I write about sex, scandal and sabotage.  Things we experience everyday.  Life can be tough, but spiritual lessons can empower your resolve.  Read about how I did it in my books.  If you dare to take on this  adventurous journey, I invite you to take a look at my photo gallery to see my amazing transformation.



I love life and enjoy sharing my battle scars with others.  I do it in hopes that it will transform people for the better.


The thing I am most proud of is my writing and my family.  So be sure and click on "About Me" tab for more insight. 


Check out my Books tab for a preview. "A Kept Secret" and "Words of Wisdom" are my latest releases.


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 Sherry D. Bailey 


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